About Us

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Nick TikoyanAfter years of progress and improvement NT Auto Body has become a state-of-the-art certified collision repair facility, ensuring not only the finest quality, but excellent customer service as well. It all started in 1973, with Crystal City Auto Body. Our founder, Nick Tikoyan, saw a lack of honest reputable shops in the area. Opposed to working for them, Nick thought it would be best to establish an auto body shop where honesty and excellence came first. Following a strict code of honor, Nick believed in honesty, integrity, and hard work. Growing mainly through referrals from our customers, Crystal City Auto Body became one of the most reputable auto body repair shops in the area.

certificates wallAs the industry grew and business expanded, our old facility was not able to handle the work load. A new location was founded in Alexandria, Virginia. With a brand new shop, Nick believed his hard work deserved to have his name on it. With an untouched shop in hand, NT Auto Body was established in 1992. From the start of our brand new shop, only the best equipment and tools have made it to our facility. We believe in order to be the best you must stay ahead of the competition in both quality and customer service.

Unfortunately, Nick Tikoyan passed away in June 2003, leaving behind this legacy to his sons, Mike and Rob. To this date, both brothers still manage the facility and ensure the same high quality standards that are being used today. Our facility has been renovated with newer state-of-the-art equipment, but we have held to the same values of integrity, quality, and hard work.

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Mike & Rob Tikoyan